About Us

Saint Jude Shrine of the West was founded in 1946 by Rev. Joseph C di Cristina.

The parish community began with approximately 100 families.   

In 1954 Rev. Gregory Sheridan began to work on the present day church building, it was later completed in 1958.    

In 1992 Mother Teresa of Calcutta purchased a home near the parish to establish a contemplative home for the Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa was in residence briefly in 1996.  She attended Mass on Sunday, June 9, 1996.  This event is commemorated with a granite stone placed outside the parish building. The Missionaries of Charity continue to be important members of the parish community.     

The present-day church building holds 900 people.  On a typical weekend, we have seven Sunday Masses with approximately 5,000 attendees from all over San Diego. The church building is maintained open throughout the week for parishioners and visitors. We receive about 500 visitors each week, who come to pray or visit the Saint Jude Shrine.   

Each fall, during Saint Jude's feast day (October 28) we hold our Fiesta. We welcome thousands of pilgrims from all over California and neighboring states.  Their great devotion and petitions bring them each year to the Saint Jude Shrine.  This event brings the parish community together as we prepare to welcome and serve all the pilgrims.