The present day church building holds 900 people.  On a typical weekend we have seven Sunday Masses with approximately 6,000 attendees from all over San Diego. The parish community is made up of 5,000 registered families, of which approximately 90% are Hispanic and 55% are below the national poverty level.  About half of the congregation is Spanish speaking only. 


The church building is maintained open throughout the week for parishioners and visitors. We received about 500 visitors each week, who come to pray or visit the Saint Jude Shrine.  We are one of the few parishes that is open daily for the public.


Each fall, during Saint Jude?s feast day (October 28) we hold our Saint Jude Fiesta. We welcome thousands of pilgrims from all over California and neighboring states.  Their great devotion and petitions bring them each year to the Saint Jude Shrine.  This event brings the parish community together as we prepare to welcome and serve all the pilgrims.


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